Shop soil and a variety of lawn & garden products online at Particularly effective for improving low quality soils where fertility and organic matter have been reduced by long term use of chemical fertilisers. Our Jumbo Bulk Bags are 1000ltrs… ", "very pleased with pro-grow and the plants are very happy too. You can't really go wrong - we had some great green beans, lettuce and radishes that just went on forever! Bag Size: 850 Litre Bulk Bag and 52 x 50L Sealed Bags … 2 Create new vegetable gardens by using straight from the bag… It is an easy-to-use product and makes a big difference to the quality of the soil. Use soil improver to add organic matter into your garden as a multi-purpose compost, a mulching agent or to improve soil … and the plants are very happy too. Buy soil conditioner online with Compost Direct and receive free delivery on all bulk bags. FAST & FREE. The key is getting the right balance of mixture (3 to 1). 1. Free postage. It was a great morning work out moving the bags down the pathway to the allotment and a chance to work on my muscle! Our Black Gold garden compost is pre-mixed to a consistent formulated blend of soil improver and manure, giving the combined benefits of both products. Delivery information: 3 options: come and collect; click and collect and buy online, Bulk discounts available:3+ @ £3.30 each9+ @ £3.30 each, ***Please check delivery details before purchasing your 30L bags***. (Product does not require watering in.). Soil improvers have to be mixed through the upper layer of the garden, in the root zone of the plants, so that plants grow better and are healthier. The soil improver is peat-free and made entirely from PAS100 certified composts. ", "I use Pro Grow as a mulch to cover the soil in beds & borders. The process of adding a thin layer of soil on top of your lawn is a great way to improve it … We are currently using our second bulk bag. When dug in with existing soil it forms a good base for flowers/shrubs and vegetables. To improve the soil ahead of the growing season, apply Scotts Foundation Soil Improver in the Spring. 50% topsoil 50% soil improver – 0-15mm particle size. To improve soil conditions for overseeding and aeration, apply in the fall. Great product. It is simple to place an order by phone or on the website, and the delivery arrives quickly. © 2002-2020 The Scotts Company LLC. As organic matter is used in bulk, applying 5-10kg (10-20lbs) per … The manure is rich and mature, consisting of well-rotted farmyard dung and animal bedding. ", "Recently we had a delivery of 200 bags of Pro-Grow to my allotment in North London. Fantastic. This product will reinvigorate your garden and increase its fertility. Soil Improver. I look forward to seeing the benefits it will bring to my plants. Pro-Grow soil conditioner produces a much healthier soil, bringing about healthier vegetation and higher growth rates. Weed-free. ", "Having used Pro-grow last year, I found the best results worked with vegetables. See our introductory page on organic matter for a list of types. World rights reserved. Organic matter is sometimes sold simply as 'soil improver' or 'soil conditioner'. ", "My two bulk bags arrived earlier than expected, were very tidily and conveniently placed on delivery and contained a fine conditioner that was a joy to spread. For potting always mix 1 handful of PRO-GROW™ to 3 handfuls of soil or peat. Prepare seed beds and rake 2 spadefuls of PRO-GROW™ per square metre into the top 5-7 cm (2-3") of the soil. Improved nutrient uptake and decreased soil borne diseases, Increased moisture infiltration and drainage in heavy soils, Improved moisture holding capacity in lighter, sandy soils, Increased neutralising value helping to keep soil pH stable, Improved resistance to soil compaction and erosion, Reduced need for fertiliser as it provides a variety of nutrients. Veneer Stone. Treat yourself and buy quality that you can trust from landscapesuppliesdirect for your garden makeover or landscaping project. Soil improvers improve the soil structure, drainage and water retention, by adding humas you improve fertility and nutrient levels through organic matter, it helps breakdown and improve … Bulk Soil Calculator. Soil Improver 1/2 Pallet 30 Bags PAS100 Compost - 50Ltr bags - 1500Ltrs Compost. PLAGRON ORGANIC WORM HUMUS CASTINGS MEGA WORM 1L, 5L, 25L SOIL IMPROVER. Scotts experts are always available by email and phone in our Help Center. Please note that each site offer a different price and deal. These applications, when applied to degraded soils, will increase the activity of microbes, improve nutrient availability, and improve overall soil … Delivery postcode. ", "When I got your leaflet I ordered 30 bags to see how it was. It�s on a site in Hook which suffers from Heavy clay soil. Would highly recommend the product. This is not the product label. ", "I live using pro-grow as a mulch in autumn to provide cover for the soil knowing that long term the worms will be working in this lovely fibrous compost increasing nutrients and water retention for the soil. We offer you three different options to buy Pro-Grow: "I have used this batch of pro-grow to revitalise and area of poor soil and already the soil appears much improved. Always read and follow the product label before use. This is a great one to mix into heavy soil and it's also great for whacking down onto your beds and borders over the Winter, prepping you well ahead of time for the growing season come Spring. A mix of screened topsoil and soil improver, excellent for raised flower or vegetable gardens and container planting. Okay to use with all grass and soil types--in lawns and gardens. The soil improver will also act as barrier to help moisture retention. 3. Do not apply near water, storm drains, or drainage ditches. These benefits include: In a depth of 5cm, one bag 30L cover about 1m x 0.6m (0.6m2). ORGANIC Soil Improver Farmyard Manure Compost 50Liters GREAT Product. Soil improvers Multi-functional soil improver is a popular substance used to develop and care for your outdoor space. Therefore, in a depth of 5cm, one bag 30L cover about 1m x 0.6m (0.6m2). Please enter your delivery postcode, so we can show you the best prices for your region. Fantastic stuff, wish I had room to buy a cubic litre!

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