By 1958, she made her debut as a heroine in stunt film Princess Saaba. Based on the […] “Likewise, with the former, you overlook that it was principally the Baltic people who did those killings,”. “In Reality” there is no way that figure actually comports with all those civilians killed by executions and other intentional acts of violence, particularly when you realize that most people don’t realize that longrunning guerilla wars (and accompanying murders and tortures) happened throughout Eastern Europe in the 1950’s as the Communists cracked down on anti-communist resistance groups ranging from fascists like the Ukrainian OUN-B to the Baltic Forest Brothers and Polish Home Army. “If from the rule of the first of the Roman Emperors (Augustus Octavian) in 27 B.C to the last (Romulus Augustulus) who ruled until 476 A.D., only 100 galley slaves died annually from overwork and mistreatment, then this alone would add up to a democide of 50,300 people. Nazima M | Greater New York City Area | Client Service Associate | 19 connections | See Nazima's complete profile on Linkedin and connect The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA)/Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists case is a bit bizarre since it was a National Socialist terrorist organization that started out as a collaborationist force seeking alliance with the Nazis and which ultimately was betrayed by them soon after Barbarossa started and ultimately fought on against almost all sides- Polish, Soviet, and Nazi German-, carrying out their own independent massacres though frequently infiltrating troops and agents into German-recruited collaborationist Ukrainian units (like the SS Galician Division). It took over a year after the Flight to Varennes for Louis XIV to be executed for treason in war against the French Government (to say nothing of the much earlier National Assembly assertion in 1789 or the later executions of other members of the Royal Family). Pingback:Nazismul- numărul crimelor | FORTA MOLDOVA. The purpose of the research wasto study the features of a myocardial infarction course in men and women and to develop ways of predicting lethal outcome and complicated course of a disease. Very much the opposite. We’re using new techniques to diagnose chest infection in critically ill children faster and researching genetic makers of antibiotic resistance so we can prevent treatment failure. She then acted in J. Om Prakash's Aye Din Bahar Ke (1968), which celebrated silver jubilee at many places. Heck, even modern genocidaires have been quite astute at the use of “primitive” weapons like machetes as an adjunct to their killing. A: Are you saying they DON’T have a stain on their names from those deaths? Does that mean we should never practice Democracy? W hile death squads celebrated among their victims’ graves in the field, local bars and restaurants also served as sites for celebrating acts of mass murder, where heavy drinking was often accompanied by songs that emphasised Nazi masculine ideals of hardness, camaraderie and violence. So while the proportion of people killed from the Languedoc would still be huge and easily the majority of it, it wouldn’t be QUITE that high from one region. The Nazis have disappeared after only a few years of existence. But some forms of organization give incentive and license to human cruelty, and indeed demand it on a large scale. If you want to compare communism’s body count you should compare it to imperialism or to capitalism, since nazism was not a system of government but rather a political party. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And in doing so, you show how you fall victim to the dishonesty, irrationality, and lack of integrity you try and condemn. In particular his blindness about colonialism’s carnage in Africa until relatively late is glaring. [1], Nazima was born as Mehr-un-Nisa on 25 March 1946 in Nasik. It’s more like most of the other numbers are DEFLATED. Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Nazima is Kanya and Moon sign associated with the name Nazima is Virgo.. I mean, take the French Revolution. His response to that was not perfect- namely trying to count an average rate of these “regular murders”- but it is one of the best we have yet seen to deal with it. And indeed, this was UNDERSTOOD with things like the Nazi hunger plan and the Soviet Holodomors, in which the system of taking all the food and cordoning off the starving population happened. This is the estimated population of USSR territory occupied by Nazi Germany. And indeed, this breed was particularly totalitarian and warmongering, in several ways even moreso than the Third Reich (after all, the Third Reich was capable of military and diplomatic restraint; at no point during its bloody and sordid history did it think of declaring war upon every single nation it bordered at once, such as Switzerland. Died, most likely of suicide, in May 1945 (identity of his body not confirmed until 1972). This number was determined by dividing the 1939 population estimate by the body count to give the percentage that a citizen of that country was likely to be killed during that time period. “Even when this story is told – ex: the Lietukis Garage Massacre – the entire story is rewritten. Of course a lot of them would also wholeheartedly believe that Trotsky was a Fascist, that the SPD and other Social Democrats were “Social Fascist”, and so on. Scott, thanks for compiling this data. It means that this name is rarely used. I mean, the total number of victims of : Soviet Union, China, Corea, Cambodia, etc…. She subsequently died on her way to the hospital on Thursday morning. Might I add that Nazism only had about 12 years, whereas the USSR had almost 69 years, and a much bigger population. Rummel 1992, 131. Hello, That’s not to exonerate Hitler, nothing can do that. No gas chambers to do the job, not even automatic weaponry, 3) French demography at the time was around 13 million people. This was a Hindi picture made in Calcutta. It’s a known fact that though the party was founded on both nationalistic and socialist premises, hitler and most of the officials of his regime only kept the nationalistic part. An explosive bestseller mined the records of Adolf Hitler’s personal doctor, among other sources, to uncover details of the long-rumored drug use by many in the Nazi regime. This does not hold true of the Bolsheviks and most of their imitators. They killed because that was what they were supposed to do. Nazima (née Mehr-un-Nissa) is a former Bollywood actress who was most famous for her roles as supporting actress in films in 1960s and early 1970s. And frankly it’s too limited for that, since the NSDAP took political power in 1932 and before that was still an illegal terrorist party responsible for thousands of murders. For example what happens to the Palestinians right now…, “If you want to compare communism’s body count you should compare it to imperialism or to capitalism, since nazism was not a system of government but rather a political party.”. Ergo their responsibility fundamentally lies with the Third Reich. Variation transcriptions of Nazima include Naazima, Nazeama, Nazeema, Nazeima, Naziema, Nazimah, and Nazyma. “It’s a known fact that though the party was founded on both nationalistic and socialist premises, hitler and most of the officials of his regime only kept the nationalistic part.”. Then came April Fool (1964) directed by Subodh Mukerjee which was appreciated by millions. (it’s an honest question, I’ve seen the later far too often -_-)”. As such, it is safe to conclude that these units acted (or were forced to act) as extensions of the Nazi Regime’s will, and thus it can and should bare primary responsibility for their actions, even before discussing the massive amounts of documentation we have regarding the actions of local collaborationist units being overseen by German officers and officials (which is abundnat, such as the declaration of Estonia as “Judenfrei”). After the death of President Hindenburg, ... the Allied blockade of Germany in and after World War I did not cause an outright famine but chronic malnutrition did kill an estimated 600,000 people in Germany and Austria. Meaning around 0,25% to about 1% of the French population of the time was killed, in an event that concerned a single French region. “And there were exterminations done in the name of christianity. Rummel took this sum and averaged it with a separate overall estimate for the Baltic States. They and their ideology deserve full blame as what they were. The film world is full of paradoxes. Nazima (née Mehr-un-Nissa) is a former Bollywood actress who was most famous for her roles as supporting actress in films in 1960s and early 1970s. Some estimates are a half a million to the other effects of starvation and premature deaths caused as a direct result of the damage. Pingback:“Onde se queimam livros, acaba-se queimando pessoas” – O Pica-Miolos. Particularly in the context of the ethnic cleansing they suffered from Eastern Europe at the hands of the Soviets and assorted massacres and crimes against civilians. Nothing better than the Nazis. - Page 2. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Did his biases affect his research? The men who guide its destiny want something but refuse to accept the obvious. B: “Through force whilst encircled by hostile neighbors” is again, something that falls short when one realizes that the reason it was encircled by hostile neighbors is because the fledgling French Republic DECLARED WAR on said neighbors first (as noted with horror by people like Robespierre). One of the factors that helped the Nazis rise to power was propaganda. League of Nations Economic Intelligence Service, League of Nations Economic Intelligence Service 1938, 20. Unless otherwise noted, the estimates come from International Statistical Year-Book 1940/1941 published by the League of Nations in 1941.31. more of a question than comment. Early life. With the latter, you do realize that the people there often acted on their own free will, right?”. Hence why he created three ranges of estimates for every democidal regime (including the US) and tstuck with the middle of the road one. This same explanation is provided in each of his books related to death estimates. The overwhelming majority of the “Baltic people” who participated in the mass murder of Jews and others did so as paramilitary members or conscripts in organizations both organized and overseen by the Nazi Regime and its deputies out East. Rummel 1992, 110. ” this man was a virulent anti-communist ”. Hitler forced the party to split by demanding that the NS part be added in. Infection is one of the leading causes of death in children aged less than 5 years, so it’s … Then came Ziddi (1964) directed by Pramod Chakravarty, a hit. MHO. Yeah, people talk about this CONSTANTLY. How utterly and completely disgusting., Pingback:P.P. However, even during the darkest of times, there was still love. Lenin and his party had their Coup, they must take responsibility for it. That does not exonerate them for their share of the atrocities (and at times they even became inconvenient for the Nazis). She also acted in another Hindi film, Wohi Ladki (1967), produced in Calcutta opposite a newcomer Sharvendra as hero. “You also list the Baltic people deaths – specifically, of Jews – and deaths in the Balkans in the the same vein. Now say that on the average for the whole empire the Romans killed a not unreasonable annual total of 10,000 infants, slaves, prisoners, Christians, inhabitants of defeated tribes and nations, and dissidents and opponents. Individual rights and responsibilities! I’d probably argue Fascism is worse- certainly in terms of murders per capita in a given period of time- but the idea that Communism is simply due to an inability to suppress human cruelty doesn’t add up. You are obsessively trying to split hairs to determine “free will” among the proxy groups and puppet regimes of a regime and ideology matched in its disregard for free will only by other totalitarian regimes like the Soviets. Pingback:Bob Rucho’s comparison is exaggerated « The Tiger Tribune, Pingback:Sen. Bob Rucho (R) makes profound miscomparison | Apex Liberal. So you can add these two together for the body counts. “and his research shows it to the point of dishonesty.”, ” for instance he lists soviet deaths by direct violence as about 1.2 million”, This reads like a tpo. DISTURBING! Date of Death – Debut Film – Omar Qaid (1961) Last Film – Significant others in the Film Industry – Miscellaneous Info – Nazima was a supporting actress in Hindi films. B: I don’t think we do all agree that, because while I firmly agree with them you seem to be bending over backwards to exonerate or whitewash the atrocities of mass murdering totalitarians so long as they are of the right political spectrum. Because Classical Marxism and Marxist-Leninism do. And this is something Rummel pointed out: that the Third Reich’s kill rate was vastly higher than that of the Soviets and most other Communist regimes. How many Hollywood movies and scholar books about the Shoah ? Can you provide a Non-Battle Kill-count on the Allied side? Rummel 1992, 108-110. Patients: Mechanically ventilated critically ill (n = 60) and age-matched healthy children (n = 55). Remembering the lovely actress NAZIMA who died at the young age of 27! You bring up a valid point, but you ignore some crucial issues. To the extent they diverged from Marx is was generally NOT in believing that Marx’s periodic spasms about terror, mass murder, political persecution, and brutal social engineering should be mitigated or removed. My gut feeling is that the best and most useful way to look at this would be to look at it in terms of proportion of the population (with the overall numbers as an Adjunct) and graph it across a bunch of regimes over time. Pingback:Two months of Fake News | Crash The Matrix. These numbers do not include civilians who got caught in the cross-fire of battle. And it is these strands of Communism that the Communist Death Tally primarily references. But people could and indeed did kill in scores. She was related to actresses Sharifa Bai (of 1930s) and Husn Bano (of 1940s) who happened to be her grandmother and aunt respectively. “This could seem not much compared to either the USSR or Nazi Germany, but keep in mind that 1) these are all people directly killed, not killed by forced labour, ”. To give you an idea, modern Languedoc (were the event took place) has about 1 million people, and 0,25% of France’s current population would be around 1,6 million people. Medievalism, Classical Reception, Battlefields, and Cigars. The term "death march" was probably coined by concentration camp prisoners. Nazima is not popular as a baby name for girls. In order to determine an estimate for a country, the country's ratio of the first summed estimate was applied to the overall Baltic average. Nazima name meaning is poetess, matron and the lucky number associated with is 6. Lenin did nothing to mitigate this. This is clear for anyone who is sane and honest that the Nazis were only a small problem in comparison with the Communists. Expand abstract curious to compare Christian-nation kills to those of atheist-like regime kills. Most people miss the violence that occurs in these regimes every single day. And they were brought about not by some cosmic indifference or the hostility of the wider world to them, but by the hostility of the Bolsheviks and Marxist Communists to said world. Normally, people with the name Nazima listen to their heart rather than using their brain. That lasted through to the 1950s. You don’t even make a point of isolating the Ukrainian-caused numbers from the German-caused numbers, and so basically whatever the Ukrainians did – mind you, after learning that neighbors were gulag’d, burned alive in prison cells and starved to death in the Holodomor – is pushed right into your “German” figure. As shown by your attempt to conflate what started with legislative reformist attempts to create a constitutional monarchy slowly spiraling into war, terror, and dictatorship with a group of totalitarian terrorists who sought from the start to seize power by violence and impose their vision in ways that the worst caricature of the Committee of Public Safety would have had second thoughts about. You don’t get to plead for clemency on the basis of “political instability from recent, sudden, and radical change(s) of regime” when your IDEOLOGY and POLICY are to violently induce such sudden, radical changes of regime. Hoorah! Marxism- and particular Marxist-Leninism (ie Marxism modified and codified by Lenin)- has PLENTY of tenets that directly imply and even outright bay for mass murder, political persecution, and so forth. [4], Bengal Film Journalists Association Awards, Nazima - Profile and Filmography on Cineplot. [, Rummel had estimates for Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It is not listed within the top 1000 names. Chief among them that you don’t need access to an absolutely god stonking amount of advanced technology to kill lots of people. In addition to things like using hostages as human shields, slaves, and so on (for instance, we are told that before the battle of Muret the pro-Cathar King of Aragon forced several villeins of pro-French Royal lords to construct the camp on pain of “Severance”). That “known fact” is utter and provable rubbish. Rummel 1992, 108-110. It’s one thing to kill a Japanese soldier charging headfirst in a bayonet charge. 288,000 killed through executions and purges, or died through forced labor, 88,000 Germans died in February, 1945 during forced evacuation from Eastern territories, 588,000 killed through massacres and bombing of civilian populations, died through forced labor, or killed Serbians, 158,000 killed or died through forced labor, 17,000 killings and massacres of hostages, 15,000 died through imposed famine and resulting diseases, 706 killed through bombing of civilian populations, 73,000 killings and massacres of hostages, or died through imposed famine and resulting diseases, 10,000 died through forced labor or were executed, 20,000 died through forced labor or were executed, 1,600 bombing of civilian population in Guernica in 1938, 20,000 rounded up and shot after the Battle of Kozara in July, 1942. And it’s utterly freaking horrifying. They sought totalitarian power to reorder society because that was what they were supposed to do. Tue Jollo Nazima. That makes it hard to count (and why it’s usually limited to counting the deaths in a specific area and/or era, suh as “How many were killed by European imperialism in Africa during the 19th century?”) It’s a valid area of observation but hard and somewhat subjective. Nazima name reviews, Origin, gender, rating and many more about Nazima. i would never cite anything this “professor” ever wrote. You are trying to convince us that the atrocities of the Independent State of Croatia, assorted Lithuanian Auxiliary Police, and even some murderously eager locals REALLY SHOULDN’T be placed at the foot of the Third Reich for…reasons. This question is frightening if you dare to answer it. Definition of Nazima in the dictionary. Moreover, Hitler was content to allow assorted warlords and functionaries to fight out among themselves for policy in a way that neither Lenin nor Stalin thought fitting.). [, Rummel rounds down to 2,000 in his final estimate. Rummel took this sum and averaged it with a separate overall estimate for the Baltic States. Estonia's portion of the new estimate would be about 9,272. And even if we argue that most of these deaths should be on the Soviet Union’s tab (which is understandable, especially for the Eastern German Diaspora) the fact remains that Nazi policy often contributed to the harshness and mortality. They understood with crystal clarity that they would not merely be allowed to conduct mass murder of these people, but would be rewarded for doing so as per Nazi policy. And surprise surprise, in this applicable case they did. Because while they insisted Hitler was not a socialist and had abandoned it, they wouldn’t hide that even in private, Hitler continued to reference himself as such. Hhmm… I think the numerous people killed by the nazi party for crime of communism would disagree on the fact that nazis were socialists rather than nationalists using socialism as a disguise ever since Hitler’s rise to power in the party. This is very close to the official Polish Report of 5,400,000, which Rummel chooses to rely on for the final mid-estimate. People like to act as iif people like the Strassers and Roehm were the only real socialists in the NSDAP and that Hitler’s purge of them somehow was purging socialism from the party. Copyright © 2020 Scott Manning. Likewise, with the former, you overlook that it was principally the Baltic people who did those killings, with their own resistance groups having suffered under Communism and the Jewish Commissars who implemented it. i really enjoyed the kill stats under communism and Nazism. Carla Regina Bianchi Codo. Also, an occupation death rate is provided for the countries that Nazi Germany actually occupied. A: This is a tally of Nazi Regime Inflicted Deaths, as in those murdered either directly by the Third Reich or indirectly by its brutality, indifference to life, or pliant puppets. As such, the idea that “communism has no tenet” that directly implies mass murder should be rejected for what it is: an Irrelevant Diversion. Ironically most of the people who don’t seem to understand this are the “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GERMANS!!!?!? The idea that the Bolsheviks and Marxists should be seen as some kind of misguided optimists who did not intend to murder all these people or to institute a one party dictatorship is ludicrous and insulting. In order to determine an estimate for a country, the country's ratio of the first summed estimate was applied to the overall Baltic average. The important thing is to point out that both forms of government are known to have committed atrocities for the “common good” of all. One: that if a client group of the Third Reich did not behave according to its wishes, it would face browbeating, loss of aid, and possibly even violent dissolution, as the Kurelis Brigade found out. Nazima is a former Bollywood actress best known for supporting roles of a younger sister or heroine’s friend. You can get the argument that the UPA deserves to share blame with atrocities jointly committed by its troops or operatives honeycombing German raised formations, but the idea that it should deserve Sole blame for the actions of units that were fundamentally organized by the Reich and directed by it is a nonstarter. In large part because he had a far better grasp of what Communism means than most, because most people forget about the people shot in back rooms in one off executions or who get impaled on punji sticks and left to die in the middle of the jungle. The Neo-Nazi movement was started as an attempt to revive Nazism, using many elements from the original Nazi doctrine and belief system, including racism, nationalism, anti-Semitism, and other ideals. The coronary heart disease (CHD) and myocardial infarction (MI) are among the leading causes of death throughout the World. This argument is easily short circuited with two simple observations. No, your rationale is garbage and gullibility. 2,300,000 killed or died through forced labor. How many Hollywood movies and scholar books about communist genocides over the World ? Rummel 1992, 121-122. Here, Casey Titus tells us about a love story between a Nazi concentration camp prisoner and an SS Guard at Auschwitz. so a similar number to people killed by the US war machine since the war. C: Again, there’s a quantifiable and qualitative difference between the French Revolution and the Bolshevik ones. Moreover, it is necessary to rethink transit violence as a relevant factor for the cause of death of workers as well. And the fact that Musso, Mola, and so on cooperated closely with the NSDAP helps. The following population estimates were used to determine the occupation death rates for the countries. Rummel took this sum and averaged it with a separate overall estimate for the Baltic States. [3], She was nominated in the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Category for playing Manoj Kumar's sister in the 1972 film Beimaan. [2], Nazima started her career as a child artist in 1954 with Biraj Bahu. The Nazis used propaganda throughout the late 1920’s and early 1930’s to boost Hitler’s image, and, as a result of this and other aspects, he became extremely popular. I am not going to dive in to the great big mine shaft of what is and is not “Communism”, because it is not only subject to massive amounts of interpretation and difference but the onus is and remains upon its practitioners and adherents to put forth a workable system and definitions. You’re simply doing every single attempt to try and ignore the blinding obvious: that the Nazi Regime not only instigated and oversaw the vast majority of the murders in its occupied territory, but approved and encouraged even more. And again why I figure it’s worth looking at proportions of death. The French Revolutionaries- in spite of periodic bouts of corruption, utopian purism, intolerance, and ultimately violence- mostly and initially sought change in line with that of the Glorious Revolution in Britain and the American Revolution. ” While I can understand and identify myself to your contempt for the reds, the difference here is that the very premise of the nazi party was racial superiority (a bad deed) whereas communism death pool is due to it’s incapability to suppress human cruelty, just like capitalism. And they do not merely imply, they explicitly avow it. In order to determine an estimate for a country, the country's ratio of the first summed estimate was applied to the overall Baltic average. In a 1968 interview, Nazima said that to her it was the best role of her film career containing all facets — humor, romance and emotion. They skip over what is theirs for the mere asking and hunt for something else. ” but by the logic of Mark, all these ideas should’ve on their name the stain of the tens of thousands of people killed in the revolutionary wars, and during the revolution, whereas any look at the fact would told you that this is not a result of the aforementioned ideas, but a result of how the government that endorsed them came to be (through force whilst encircled by hostile neighbors).”. I respect my enemy when he is fair. This causes fluid build up, and can lead to death by "drowning." No society is able to perfectly suppress human cruelty (and frankly I’m not sure a society could survive succeeding in doing so, as the Moiri could have attested if an of them survived Maori conquest). Ergo the comparison is bad from the onset. She was mostly cast as Heroine’s friend or Hero’s sister. You are a unique individual. Thank you very much. That said, a fuller account of Fascist atrocities would be helpful. -get your baby parts here! i would never cite anything this “professor” ever wrote.”. And secondly: Most Ukrainian units and organizations involved in the Holocaust were officered or at least overseen by German regime officials. “Also, the nazi genocide is a direct consequence of Nazi tenets, based on ethnic purity, warmongering, totalitarianism, amongst other jolly thing, whereas communism has no tenet that directly implies that anyone should be killed, or deported, through war or execution.”.

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