Retraction of the foreskin reveals a clearly defined fibrous ring. The water which trickles over the rims of the pools and basins on the upper terraces is a transparent blue, while the formation itself contains a network of fibrous algae which gives it a wonderful variety of colours. When I stirred the mixture, the sugar seemed to disintegrate into the water. Still have questions? Food that is fibrous contains fibre. ‘The fibrous protein is produced by keratinocytes found in the body in two forms, hard and soft.’ ‘Since fibrous food is difficult to eat due to lack of teeth there is a tendency by the aged to opt for softer, non-fibrous food.’ ‘The 400 square metre plot will be harvested in a month and the fibrous … Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Definitions The joint itself is encompassed by a thick, fibrous joint capsule, which is lined by synovium. - Chronic interstitial myocarditis, showing the muscle fibres in the heart wall being separated and becoming atrophied by a slow fibrous overgrowth of the connective tissue. 1 0 annulus fibrosis) surrounding a jelly-like cent r e (nucleus pulposus). It is a perennial herb growing from a fibrous root system with rhizomes. The lias shales of Whitby contain blocks of semi-mineralized wood, or jet, which is black with a resinous lustre, and a fibrous structure. 2. The crude product is refined by sublimation, when it is obtained as a white fibrous mass, which consists of a mixture of hydrogen ammonium carbonate, NH 4 �HCO 3, and ammonium carbamate, NH 2 Ooonh 4, in molecular proportions; on account of its possessing this constitution it is sometimes called ammonium sesquicarbonate. ‘The fibrous protein is produced by keratinocytes found in the body in two forms, hard and soft.’ ‘Since fibrous food is difficult to eat due to lack of teeth there is a tendency by the aged to opt for softer, non-fibrous food.’ ‘The 400 square metre plot will be harvested in a month and the fibrous … Rearrange the Following Words/Phrases to form Meaningful Sentences Class 10 CBSE. SARSAPARILLA, a popular drug, prepared from the long fibrous roots of several species of the genus Smilax, indigenous to Central America, and extending from the southern and western coasts of Mexico to Peru. 3. Scottish farmed salmon are firm with a fibrous to smooth to even texture. Please try to see the film, Arquette tells the restaurant, with all the, 25. \°' layer as in an ordinary ?..,r simple tooth, shows in addition a second inner ring of the same hard substance surrounding the pit, which adds greatly to the efficiency of the tooth as an organ for biting tough, fibrous substances. During the lab, the acid caused the fiber to disintegrate. WikiMatrix. Where a chronic inflammatory process has taken possession of an organ, or, let us say, has been located in periosteum or other fibrous part, there is a great tendency to the production of cicatricial fibrous tissue in mass. They held that the cirrhotic kidney is simply a local manifestation of a general fibrous disease. Many older style ' fibro ' homes were damaged and asbestos dispersed across a wide area. Marcasite readily oxidizes on exposure to moist air, with the production of sulphuric acid and a white fibrous efflorescence of ferrous sulphate, and in course of time specimens in collections often became completely disintegrated. Relevance. How would you use fibrous in a sentence? Human skin contains keratin which is a fibrous protein which is also the principal constituent of hair. In the low brushwood scattered over portions of the dreary plains of the Kandahar table-lands, we find leguminous thorny plants of the papilionaceous sub-order, such as camel-thorn (Hedysarum Alhagi), Astragalus in several varieties, spiny rest-harrow (Ononis spinosa), the fibrous roots of which often serve as a tooth-brush; plants of the sub-order Mimosae, as the sensitive mimosa; a plant of the rue family, called by the natives lipdtd; the common wormwood; also certain orchids, and several species of Salsola. variegatum grows on wet sandy ground, and serves by means of its fibrous roots to bind the sand together. The fibrous bands are generally formed towards the end of the years growth in thickness. The increased amount of FSH and LH cause hyalinization and fibrosis, the growth of excess fibrous tissue, in the seminiferous tubules, where the sperm are normally located. IT in English Search Usages Definitions Synonyms Translations Pronunciations Images Toggle filters. fibrous Individual blocks are separated by thin, slickensided surfaces with fibrous striae, which make these fault zones suitable for brittle strain analysis. 1 Answer. fibrous definition: 1. made of fibres, or like fibre 2. The web portion of the composite material is made of a particulate, matrix-forming, natural material, preferably a natural fibrous material. fibrously definition: Adverb (comparative more fibrously, superlative most fibrously) 1. 1 decade ago. NF-1 affects nerves throughout the body, occurring as groups of soft, fibrous swellings that grow on nerves in the skin, brain, and spinal cord (central nervous system), muscles, and bone. lrf, Fibrous, possibly muscular, substance of the interfilamentar junctions. What happens is that the inflammation of the liver triggered by the infection causes it to contract and it becomes a fibrous blob. A, Of Chiton: f.t., fibrous tissue; a.b.v., afferent blood-vessel; e.b.v., efferent blood-vessel; g.l., laterally paired lamellae. Get your answers by asking now. Contrary, too, to popular belief, he has found a fibrous structure more common in pyrite than in marcasite. Answer Save. The fruits, which are among the largest known, take ten years to ripen; they have a fleshy and fibrous envelope surrounding a hard nut-like portion which is generally two-lobed, suggesting a large double coco-nut. From the Cambridge English Corpus … Fibrous in a sentence 121. The plantar fascia is a fibrous support for the arch of the foot. Lv 7. It is less trouble out of doors than under glass; indeed, it only requires a moderately wet bog in a light spongy soil of fibrous peat and chopped Sphagnum Moss. leathery skin above the thick fibrous layer. This experiment was partially successful, but the instinctive dislike of bees to anything of a fibrous nature caused them completely to spoil their work of comb-building in the endeavour to tear or gnaw away the linen threads whenever they got in touch with them. How do you use fibrous in a sentence? The ulcers are painful, and the center appears white or yellow with a fibrous texture. A suitable soil consists of equal portions of fibrous peat and loam, good sharp sand being added, together with broken oyster-shells or limestone. The body-cavity and the muscular, fibrous and vascular tissues are traced partly to two symmetrically disposed " mesoblasts," which bud off from the invaginated arch-enteron, partly to cells derived from the ectoderm, which at a very early stage is connected by long processes with the invaginated endoderm. fibrous joints in a sentence - Use "fibrous joints" in a sentence 1. SILK, a fibrous substance produced by many insects, principally in the form of a cocoon or covering within which the creatures are enclosed and protected during the period of their principal transformations. Next rake the lawn with the leaf rake to draw up a fibrous tangle called thatch. Favorite Answer. Damaged or destroyed muscles eventually became replaced with, 9. Doctors misdiagnosed him with fibrous dysplasia - a benign condition characterized by areas of abnormal growth. thick, fibrous hair that was not easy to comb Recent Examples on the Web Findings from the samples, which were published this month in the journal One Earth, painted an ominous picture of an area littered with the microplastics of fibrous … In the very frequent cases where the bundles have considerable individuality, the fibrous pericyclic cap very clearly has a common origin from the same strand of tissue as the vascular elements themselves. Self-protection The eyeball itself is quite tough, given shape and stiffness by the outer, fibrous sclera. Scrabble Word Finder; Whirly Word Cheat; Words with friends cheat; Letter Press Cheat; Draw Somthing Cheat; Word Lists; Help. This latter cause is chiefly observed when the tissues are of a very unyielding character; for example, when the inflammation occurs in a bone or under a thick fibrous and unyielding membrane. Fibrous used in sentence example & words in English. In order to protect the heart, a fibrous sac … The punt cord had been drenched through with rain, pliant, slippery and fibrous. How would you use fibrous in a sentence? Reniform and stalactitic masses with a radiated fibrous structure also occur. 0 0 It is never crystallized, but may have a fibrous or microcrystalline structure, and commonly occurs in concretionary forms or in compact and earthy masses; sometimes mammillated, botryoidal, reniform or stalactitic. The stem is fleshy, fibrous, and of the same character as the cap. In Calamodendron (Upper Coal Measures) the wood has a more complex structure than in Calamites, the principal rays including radial tracts of fibrous tissue, in addition to the usual parenchyma. You can … Unlike most cheeses in the world, the making of paneer does not involve rennet as the coagulation agent, thus making it completely lacto-vegetarian and providing an important source of protein. It also occurs in nature in fibrous excrescences, constituting the mineral epsomite or hair-salt; and as compact masses (reichardite), as in the Stassfurt mines. Among the Griquatown series of quartzites, limestones and shales are numerous bands of jasper and large quantities of crocidolite (a fibrous amphibole); while at Blink Klip a curious breccia, over 200 ft. Other epidermic appendages are the horns of ruminants and rhinoceroses - the former being elongated, tapering, hollow caps of hardened epidermis of fibrous structure, fitting on and growing from conical projections of the frontal bones and always arranged in pairs, while the latter are of similar structure, but without any internal bony support, and situated in the middle line.

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