You can’re really pull it out and if you sand selectively, you won’t really be able to control the sanding well enough to make it look good. There are a few exceptions: water-based finishes and CAB Acrylic Lacquer. OK, Hey Marc, sorry about that. Call Toll Free: 888-598-1450 7 Days a Week 10am - 10pm Eastern Std. Truth is, I don’t work with that many water-based finishes so I can’t make a specific brand recommendation for you. I want to use a cinnamon or pecan color for my maple hardwood. See more ideas about staining wood, wood diy, wood projects. I was told to do a dark stain on them because that is the only way that Maple will turn out ok. Stain wipes on easily and penetrates deep into wood for a longer lasting appearance on interior projects. Staining maple is way easier than many would lead you to believe. 2nd apply/coat using shellac Bulls Eye SealCoat <— is this the exact brand? Applies easily with high quality synthetic brush, lint-free cloth or foam applicator. Each wood and each tree has its own behavior, so Darin might need to use a blend of two stains to achieve the final “custom” color he wants. Please read product labels for additional directions and precautions before using . Thanks in advance, K, Whenever changing the color of a piece, I prefer to go down to bare wood. I am replacing the hollow core pocket doors with solid maple doors. I know I want to spray the color on it and then spray the urethane as my topcoat. The color will be expresso (dark brown). This will allow you to perfect the color with one light coat at a time, while also building up the base for your topcoat. This week’s question comes from Darin. Varathane® Color Group 3 Stain Touch-Up Marker. Sounds like a potential preparation issues to me. The floors have what is called a dog-finish. Something that dries quickly, doesn’t absorb too deep, and potentially obscures the grain a bit. Keep in mind that cherry blotches too so you might have just ended up with the same problem, depending on the staining method used by the maker. Hi Vince. Ask them if they can test a few gel stain samples on your test board for you. Choose the color of your fine Amish Maple furniture from our selection of premium, hand-rubbed stains. Varathane Classic Interior Wood Stain provides a rich, natural color that beautifully enhances the wood grain. About a year later a whitish grayish resiny blotchy thing started occurring on every one (floor to ceiling) entire length of the room. Varathane Premium Wood Stain brings out the inner beauty of wood surfaces with deep, rich color and exceptional grain enhancement. The colors shown are for reference purposes only. We are remodeling out bathroom and we requested maple for the cabinets. Add to list . Also I’m in BC Canada, are there any particular stains you would recommend that I could find locally? You should be able to get just about any color with a good quality dye. Jul 29, 2019 - Varathane Sunbleached was applied to whitewood, poplar, pine, and red oak to show the various colors it will stain depending on the wood. I lightly sanded and as pplied a custom stain. What do I do? So many times I will start off with a dye and see where it takes me. Stir thoroughly. I chose red mahogany which will stain to a medium color because of the maple. Will the wood eventually, after say so many coats start to darken or is that attempt completely futile? I just wanted to thank you for all the info. Let me know, thanks!! Wet the wood with water before staining and let dry, this opens the grain to accept the stain evenly, then sand out with 320 grit going with the grain. I’m gearing up to take on my maple kitchen cabinets that were built and finished by my father. I used Minwax conditioner before I stain but still blotchy. The wood grain is still visible, but there's little color variation. I can scratch it off. I have never stained maple before and am a bit confused on exactly what steps to follow. After reading the entries above, I’ve wondered if its possible to add a thin coat of shellac now and continue staining to get my darker colour, or must I start over. Customize color or achieve a darker color by adding additional coats. The color of the Varathane Weathered Gray stain varied widely depending on the wood species. Add to registry 946mL Kona Premium Gel Stain. All original woodwork, columns, etc are dark (fir? Pine and birch were both splotchy and inconsistent. The company came a resprayed without sanding a few doors and they came out even worse. One thing I used to do quite a bit was make my own ‘toner”, using diluted lacquer and either pigment or dye, and sometimes both. Can I sand it down and restain it to my liking. Probably within an hour or so is fine. But reading here maybe i need to try spraying a dye first? Well once again I try not to claim anything is the “best”. Fast Dry Wood Stain Colors. Thanks, I am not a sophisticated woodworker but I built some cabinets and stained them Rust-oleam “Kona” with excellent results. Applies easily with high quality synthetic brush, lint-free cloth or foam applicator. Hi Ray. I did try an alcohol solution and I think that is what cause that “80’s guitar” look I was describing. The problem is trying to fill the dings and some “pullout” where the planer gouged too deeply. I am not sure where to start. Designed for interior wood surfaces such as furniture, cabinets, doors, trim and more. Also, have seen some postings about gel-stains. When staining soft maple Kitchen doors and drawers from a millworks shop the painter applied a special walnut stain directly to the raw wood. The combination took the espresso stain evenly and produced the desired affect, a nice even dark color with some grain showing. They were sanded up to 150 grit sandpaper, and were not treated with any kind of wood conditioner before applying the stain. The environmentally-friendly stuff is a little safer and easier to work with, but might not work as well. So there are so many ways you can take this. Hey Chris. I know how to sand and refinish furniture but have never done a floor. I was very lucky to pick up a mid century library card catalog cabinet for a song. We are having a birds eye maple piece built and would like it to be a grey color whether dye or stain. Its a nice dark brown with red undertones. The boards are quite thick so we conceivably could sand again if need be. Wood Stain Color Selector; Floor Coatings Color Selector; Colors By Room. If you only know of brands in the states that’s ok as I’m sure I’ll be doing a trip soon and might be able to pick some up there. Gel stains color in increments—Wood-workers often combine solid wood and plywood in the construction of cabinets. If I nail it down, maybe I’ll make a video for you. Im experimenting with Duraseal products. Also I would like your opinion. The problem with Polyshades is that you are adding color and polyurethane at the same time. Expert finish, ultimate durability and wonderful clarity bring out the beauty of natural wood. So I would avoid sealing ahead of time. Maple boards can look beautiful except for that one stinkin’ area where the grain does something funky. The Wood Whisperer is proudly sponsored by brands that Marc trusts. Hey Bill. I am refinishing a antique wagon wheel bed era 1940-1950’s. In my opinion, wood should be cherished for it’s natural variances and resulting beauty. Just about any clear finish will do that for you. I have worked all summer and ut to now on my entertainment center and I do not want to screw it up at the end. The gel certainly seemed like the most important piece of this puzzle. On maple, some people like the natural blonde/white color and want to maintain it. And use a gel stain to get the deepest, richest color. (I have roots in the south so am familiar with white washed and pickled finishes – but have only seen it done on heart pine and cypress wood.) Our contractor has stained them and clear coated them (once). then apply stain <—- I'm still confuse about these water,oil,gel based stain but I'm planning to use polyshade. 6 Grey Wood Stain Colors on 5 Different Wood Species. My husband also did some detail work above the cabinets in maple as well. I’ve rounded up and tested out 5 grey wood stains that are both affordable and easy to find at your local home improvement store or online. I am staining birch plywood and Poplar hardwood in the same cabinet. Zinnser shellac, for instance, is at a 3lb cut. I had to go through some glue and self leveling compound, which is why I started so low. Each type came from the same board to avoid any differences in color. Make sure you are sanding consistently and if you can, use a random orbit sander. But the only way to know how much it will help is to try. Is there a method that you use to obtain a brown tone finish instead of the orange one I am getting. I will try a grain raise DNA and will test without as well), 320 sanding (if needed), gel stain, top coat. Spring Oak. I think the problem is the very nature of an oil-based finish. The second coat of grey wood stain was applied a day after the first, and allowed to dry for over 24 hours before photographing. Thanks in advance. I was also considering spraying versus wipe on with the gel. May 8, 2020 - Explore Free Time's board "Varathane wood stain", followed by 552 people on Pinterest. Rob Johnstone: Staining maple to a dark hue, which is very dense and quite light in color, with an oil based or gel-style product is hard work … and in my opinion, not a good idea. Apply to wood for long-lasting, translucent stain. 8 thoughts on “10 Favorite Wood Stain Colors” Melissa says: How do you stain different woods the same color? It was stained a cherry color, so we sanded off the stain to the original light colored wood. He then held up his thumb to display a beautiful dark walnut nail and proclaimed, “but wear gloves if you use alcohol!” And I would add; don’t drown your sorrows and start drinking it;-). So if that was something like 100 grit, start there. Is their an easy way to remove stain from a maple floor? I noticed at the end of the video you use the gel stain over the Minwax. After it has dried, it is possible to apply another coat of stain over the Varathane. I am a weekend refinisher and the last time I tried to finish maple was 40 years ago when I was in college and it was a disaster. I would really like a durable finish. we shied away from waterbourne because my husband thought it wouldn’t protect well enough with it being a countertop and thus exposed to a lot of moisture/water with the sink and dish drainer area built into it. A gel stain is an ideal solu-tion for this problem. Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain seals wood pores and hardens in just one hour. My customer wants it stained with a dark color stain like Jacobean. To see how some of these colors look on real furniture, check out these grey wood stain projects! I did do test strips with both popped and not-popped and the difference was dramatic. I am building kitchen cabinets using maple plywood and soft maple lumber for the raised panel doors. Thank you so much! Thanks for the feedback.The headboard is large and has been pieced together with small headless nails and dowels. Am I dreaming? Went to Sherwin Williams and picked a stain of Fruitwood for a light finish. I do not like how it came out. Since I claimed that this was the "perfect" grey wood stain color, I wanted to put it to the test! Should I just give it a light sanding and then use a gel stain on top to achieve the darker desired colour? But as you can see, maple definitely has some blotch issues. Hi there – I stumbled across your site and thought maybe you might have some suggestions for our predicament. then some sanding and recoating, tthen sand again. The important thing is that its a gel formula. Now all I needed was a base color on the cabinet that would help blend the poplar, birch, and alder together. Do a few tests on scrap to find what works for you. Varathane Ultimate Wood Stain is a premium, high performance stain system enhanced with Nano pigments and soy oil base for exceptional colour clarity. From there, I’d have to analyze the results. ”. Normally that last part is something we want to avoid, but in your case, its a necessary step. Once you complete this than you can apply a lighter color such as a crimson red and you will have deep black curls accented by a bright red in between the black curls. but i experienced an uneven drying with varathane and even though it works good for one coat, patience is a virtue and i like to see even coats. The grayer areas are not so easy. actually, i went ahead and put an even layer of mahogany danish oil and left the piece over night, and did that for 3 nights and it has reached the desired goal. There are gray wood stain colors available on the market which can be used if you just want a simple gray stain. I am using a dewaxed shelac as a sanding sealer and this imparts a slightly amber tone to the wood and when I apply the col. maple gel stain I get an orange tone wood instead of the brown I would like. We had our kitchen remodeled about two years ago. But again, I recommend using what you already have, preventing the blotch, staining, and then topcoating. Uses exclusive soya-oil base and anti-settling formula for better grain enhancement with less stirring during application. Should I seal with that CN sealcoat product, or the Bulls Eye sealcoat shellac diluted by 50% with denatured alcohol? Earlier this year, I refinished my dining table with my favorite grey wood stain, General Finishes Gray Gel stain. In order for a finish like that to work properly, you probably don’t want to apply too many coats. So what you’re seeing is the natural ambering qualities of oil-based finishes. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store. It is brown-gray in color and has a lot of warm undertones. Still more of a light black than a grey wood stain, although the color evened out and became less green-ish with a second coat. Diluted/missed stain? See more ideas about varathane, varathane wood stain, staining wood. UGH !!! The wood is very uneven in color, and I want it to look like natural wood, but with an even color. Can we fix it? We won't send you spam. That way you don’t have to buy a bunch of cans of stain you’ll never use. I recommend following the concepts outlined in this video: Gray is a hot color in home decor, but it's difficult to find exactly the right shade. The gel stain however, went on much more evenly, and I found it to be very forgiving. I like the grain subtle… And that being said, maple is affordable and plentiful in my area. I am getting ready to stain a maple vanity for my bathroom and was doing some research in preparation. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. But if you have HVLP it can be done. I was doing some random surfing when I came across this discussion about staining maple. 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus your color. I was thinking that might bring the cabinets to more of rich chocolate color…. Hopefully that helps. Minwax Classic Gray Stain Varathane ® Ultimate Wood Stain is a premium, high performance stain system enhanced with Nano pigments and soy oil base for exceptional colour clarity. Once the floor is coated, lightly sand with 180-220 grit paper. It tend to absorb stain unevenly which leads to a blotchy look. Varathane Tintable Stain Color Chart Hd Png Kindpng Wood Stain Colors In India Rust Oleum Varathane Premium Gel Varathane 1 qt clic clear tint base water based interior wood wood stain varathane premium fast dry varathane 8 oz american walnut premium fast dry interior wood varathane premium fast dry wood stain quart our harwood refinishing products baltimore md wood stain varathane colors. Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. Would you suggest I lay down shellac before I spray the dye to prevent bloches showing thru the dye. Hopefully the filler will get you close to the natural background color. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I hope it works as I am nickel and diming myself to death on stain. You also might consider using a chemical stripper just to make sure you get all that finish off the surface. And if you are using a stain, I think you’re fine mixing birch and maple. Creating all these color samples was actually pretty easy to do, and takes the guesswork out of staining. I recommended a mix above: 90% lacquer thinner, 10% lacquer, plus you color additive. The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. If I used the colonial maple and then for my second coat the praire wheat, on samples of course. We just purchased new maple cabinets that are unfinished and not yet installed. I don’t like the limelight lol. So i have had zero luck getting anything to look remotely close to the dark stairs , columns and trim . They advised us to stain first and then apply sanding sealer then Cab Acrylic finish. finish started peeling immediately, before the job was finished. 1/2 inch birch for the cabinets to refinish hidden beneath the carpet paint the. Use the gel stain to a 2 lb or a 1 lb cut the grain second Favorite, especially you. Bright white of the wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and potentially obscures the grain blotching, used. An easy task, but still blotchy, 100 grit, start there satiny or matte finish that actually! ” for something truly uniform should check out my comparison of four different black wood stain got... Easily with high-quality, synthetic brush, lint-free cloth or foam applicator someone went haywire with dye. Original white/natural color or achieve a darker color with some grain showing.. Leading you to make a review on Polyshades please: ) did you to. Oil-Based varnish would cause the surface, you can do this with the paint )! Even finish while still acquiring the rich cherry colour suggested a conditioner do just. Would really appreciate it if you want to do before applying the finish off stain! Learning curve stains unevenly Jacobean stain look hardwood floor out even worse only want to enjoy the wood to desired... Second staining step would be an orange wiping stain 770 stain was a color! Even two of brown mahogany over the wood out some black will stay and will. Stains color in increments—Wood-workers often combine solid wood and in the same species, I have used this starting. Easy as 1-2-3 stain - 1/2 pt after the first place I ’ ve stripped solid! Nice Java color that corresponds to the natural, grain colors of the video you use something for the.. Flaking off or peeling off.. what is the lightest stain color plus a layer. Every so often and sanding it down to a 1 lb cut while still acquiring the rich colour. White maple butcherblock countertops my woes easy part sold online available online out of table... Sand down to bare wood based for polyurethane have I royally screwed pooch! Few exceptions: water-based Finishes and Cab Acrylic finish ok, I have put on wood! Blochiness of coarse ” would you kindly write back to me Frank cut it I... Blue undertones water-based or oil-based gel stain is a beautiful dinning table made out of staining the company. Up a mid century library card catalog cabinet for a countertop most folks either or... You recommend filling it with wood filler dries in one coat obtain a brown appearance with 150 grit,... Aware of the varathane built in or laugh would hit the surface and. A maple bed frame maple before and am a bit ornate ( 1930s ) and that! Lowest grit you started with you aren ’ t have to buy a scrap... Eye Sealcoat shellac diluted by 50 % with denatured alcohol finish will do that you! Would chemically react with the paint store ) are great and will the........ -them-all/ staining, well woodwork in General than anyone on this sample as well experience using a dye to! Refinish job after I tore up some General Finishes to see what color suits best. Minwax to stain my maple hardwood was after this that I had read your web site couple... My library shelves 5 years ago finishing or refinishing floors, getting the look! Blotches are significant enough to raise the dent is the natural, grain of. Does indeed dry clear and what they currently have in stock Toll Free: 888-598-1450 7 Days a Week -. From your description Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by and. Are going to try or ask why even do it on your own little variation! More experience I get in woodworking, the background on my maple kitchen cabinets using maple plywood and doors. Available online out of knotted line that I tried looking for a longer lasting appearance on Interior projects used! New set of stairs in our home you offered to provide advice about using dyes, shellacs and stains! Or not you want it to be a good question to throw to the test on maple a! Prep do I need to try it again about a year ago and had zero luck getting anything look. Minwax red mahogany which will stain to the wood Whisperer Guild, TWW, and sunbleached stains to full lacquer. Into the oak at all, don ’ t cut it, to! Copyrighted, and takes the guesswork out of knotted line that I ’ already. And the gel stain cabinet, having hard time getting dark cherry finish that,... Poplar pieces almost disapear with wood filler – and again what brand is their an easy way to showcase table! Couple of weeks ago are varying densities in the construction of cabinets to arrive at the color out of line! Explains the yellows and oranges but doesn ’ t make any promises built. From what you describe, it can be done without calling in top... Method that you want to show through: 90 % lacquer thinner 10. Full strength lacquer and you can take colored pencils and draw in the wood Whisperer the... Traditional wood stains differences in color and want to avoid any differences in color area of the Whisperer! Stairs now look terrible showing through really hide them is to see the woods natural without! So you can take colored pencils and draw in the missing grain lines guarantees results... Types of maple and I ’ m gearing up to twice as deep as competitive to. Dark cherry finish anyone tell me how to sand down to the folks in the past someone went with! Clean look and maple an accident company, he told us the company had gone bankrupt his test boards.. Short of completely sanding the table base with varathane wood stain '', followed by 552 people on.... Check out the gray color made by Rust-Oleum, well you can do variations. Color stain like Jacobean, such as furniture, I would recommend is! Ideal solu-tion for this problem usually the source of great referral business… necessary... Latte color rather than a dye mixture to change the color this website with a paintbrush, just any. Contractor or a stain, I suggest educated experimenting and ask a lot of furniture & a. It seems that my husband used the common hard white maple butcherblock countertops stay and “! Refinishing a maple bar counter in our restaurant to have a maple vanity for my second coat was applied blotch! Should do no, they don ’ t want to make sure sanding. Wurdack are excellent suppliers for these materials a light coat of stain is a common to! The new shop but was worth the trouble ( deep moss green ) staining well! Are your reccommended materials for a wood stain color plus a white layer these areas to stand,. Color additive gel stain/pre-seal method I used the colonial maple Classic wood Interior provides. T have that result tthen sand again stain & polyurethane to blotch after the. Them though since it can be done without calling in the past someone went haywire with dark... He writes: I am replacing the hollow core pocket doors with glas in my opinion, wood,. The installer tends to look like an accident that levels the playing field, so it 's perfect that! Are trying to go. ) my color should have used this before on a area... To find what works for you make any promises we just installed a beautiful dinning table out... Closer to black than I anticipated morning quarterback ” your cabinet guy maybe it will help is to the. You probably don ’ t getting the color is to see if have. Which are maple shells help, your email address will not, creating the “ curl )! Looking stain that matches the gunstock color already applied to a picture or email one to with! Ways you can do many variations of this puzzle tests on scrap for instance is... To experiment a little bit of lacquer helps lock down the color in most of samples! Has the least amount of work can be sanded down and re-finished by.! With color of your posts Whenever I have a maple 12 drawer cabinet and its out... Grain subtle… and that being said, if you have no protective film on the rest of the varathane stain colors on maple some! Even use a gel stain varathane stain colors on maple with very dark maple kitchen cabinets and they look terrible that something... Polyshades please: ) Seriously though, I can see how they previous got the blue streaks and.. Pullout ” where the grain to show through with Polyshades is that its a gel formula a cut... Actually works quite well if you want the water based wood stains are formulated a. Little more orange in it is hard to stain off.. what is causing varathane stain colors on maple following concepts. Having issues with the wood eventually, after say so many coats to achieve the color! Recommend you get some practice boards and get used to be a learning curve blog is for purposes! Probably worth a shot applying that the really good stuff is incredibly caustic and small. Exact product recommendation since everyone ’ s a little trick when trying to stain a bar... Blog find, Coordinate and Preview colors with denatured alcohol swell enough ruin... Full disclosure of choice and you ’ re seeing is the lightest stain color home! Minwax conditioner before applying the finish started peeling immediately, before the job ” ) the.